Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poem

Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poem

One of the most famous expressions of love is through the recital of poetry. There are very few other forms that are as elegant and classy as this. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with your collection of poetry about her. Recite them to her, send these on her phone or send in a card or a letter with some poems on them; she will love them and will cherish them forever. Here is a collection of the latest Mother’s Day poems from where you can have your pick. If you fancy words, even you could think of some rhymes to add to your collection.

Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poem

Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poem

For the times that your hugs were my cure
For your heart that is ever pure
For all the tears that you spared me and
For all the smiles that you gave me;
I thank you Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day

You were my light in the darkness
You made the night less scary
You were my guide through life;
My sole proprietor of happiness
Your voice kept me safe
Your touch ward off nightmares
My heart lies with you mom
Because it’s not mine to own

There were stories that kept me awake all night
Then you stayed by my side to wash away my fright
There were tears that rolled down my cheeks
The ones you wiped away with your lovely streaks
There were wrongs that I had done
You made them right and taught me fun
I couldn’t have been the person I am
If you hadn’t guarded me from every scam
You were my best teacher, my best friend
I will love you till the very end

When the world speaks of love, there is no doubt
It will remember the words with the truth about,
The lady that held a little form
To keep him safe from every harm
She looked at him every eyes glittering
With love that few have dared delivering
For it takes a warrior to venture
Into the lovely- dangerous adventure

She made a promise to that little soul
That she will break his every fall
True she remained to this oath
Till the day she gave in to cruel death
Even beyond the mortal world she stood
To love the form that now understood;
Why her love was like no other
For she was his loving mother

When the flowers bloomed in the spring
It was a spectacle to watch
The birds flew in willing to sing
They made a song from the scratch
They sang of how there was this beautiful woman
A woman I knew
They sang, when I became a man
I would know this to be true.

I told them, I didn’t have to wait that long
For I’ve known this woman all along.
She tucks me in every night
She tells me of my strength and might
Every day I love her more
For she is the angel at my door
She deserves more than a laundry pile
I call her Mom, which makes her smile.

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