Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poems From Daughter

Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poems From Daughter

Happy Mothers Day 2018 Poems From Daughter

Life takes us
through many changes like the seasons of each year,

Some so
unforgettable we sometimes shed a tear.

I remember when I was a little
girl, it seems not long ago,

My mother would
shelter me in her arms,

A feeling I thought
I’d never outgrow.

Maybe I really
haven’t because hidden inside of me,

There’s still that
need to hold her,

Though are chances
are few and far between.

We live our lives
looking back on memories of the past,

Ones we often
cherish, for time moves along so fast.

I remember my
teenage years, rebellious as they were,

Though I’d made many
mistakes I could always count on her.

Oh the times I’d
hurt her with the hateful things I’d say,

I hope she knows how
sorry I am and how much I love her today.

As children we don’t
realize how words can break a heart,

Leave scars that
last a lifetime and tear two lives apart.

Though forgiveness
isn’t easy, we’ve found it through the years,

My mother and I are
closer than ever,

Our love has washed
away the tears.

So let me tell you
that I love you mom, in this message that I send,

Though time is ever
changing, I’ll always remember when.

Poem By : Kathy J

I can never explain
the ways I’ve felt

Growing up without
you, playing the cards I was dealt.

There were always
many things I wanted to say

My dreams and new
thoughts that came each day

I wish I could take
back some of the skeptical things I’ve said

To be more
respectful, listen, be positive instead.

At times I felt you
were never listening to what I would say,

So I’d get angry and
react in the wrong way.

I understand that it
took some time for me to change my ways,

I prayed for this
each night and even some days.

Although you’d never
see the true feelings I’d hide

I love you very
much, deep down inside.

Always my mother,
and never my friend, so you could not see,

angry little girl that lay within me

Notice how I’ve
changed each and every day

I’ve grown to follow
your footsteps, but in a different way.

Although I’m quite
unsure of where the road might lead,

If you stay by my
side I promise to take heed

I am your child and
I love you dearly

Thanks for all
you’ve done mom truly and sincerely

To me you’re very
special like no other,

Loving, caring, and
concerned, my dear mother.

Poem by : Theresa
R. Barnes


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