Happy Mothers Day Wishes, Poems, Cards, HD Wallpapers, Download Images Pictures

Happy Mothers Day Wishes, Poems, Cards, HD Wallpapers Download
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: We wish
you a very Happy Mother’s Day 2016 to all moms. Mothers Day is a worldwide
event which is going to be celebrated on 8th May 2016. Check Happy Mothers Day Wishes, Mother’s Day Poems, Happy Mother’s Day 2016 Cards, Mothers Day HD
Wallpapers, Download Happy Mothers Day Images, Mother’s Day Pictures &
more. If you want to do something special for your mom then you should organize
a surprise party. You may also give Mother’s Day Gifts Cards & Homemade
Mothers Day Cards to impress her.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Happy Mothers Day Wishes

You are the only hope which is never going to get lost! You are the only person who will understand me more than myself! Happy Mothers Day Wishes!

My words will never be sufficient to thank you for all your love, support and endless understanding you have shown throughout all these years! Mothers Day Wishes!

I never get worried, I never feel disappointed. I never feel ignored. Coz I know you are here for me always! Lots of love on Mothers Day to my dearest mom!

Mothers love knows no boundaries

As it grows healthier each day,

Knows no reason as it is given unconditionally,

Knows no season as it

Transcends forever through eternity…

Happy mother’s day

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Mommy’s love cannot be replaced.

It’s what keeps kids happy and keeps a smile on each face.

It’s what we know from the very start.

Mommy’s love comes purely from the heart.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day Poems


Happy Mothers Day Poems

Wishing all happiness and lovely moments to you on this special day! Happy Mothers Day from your dear son/daughter!

May you find everything that your heart desires on this special day! Happy Mothers Day Greetings!

You extended your cozy support in spite of being miles away! I knew you understood me when you were silent. Whatever you did was just for my well being and happiness! Thank for you for being a beautiful mother! Happy Mothers Day Wishes to U!

You’ve seen me laugh, You’ve seen me cry And always you were there with me, I may not have always said it But thanks and I love you ( Happy Mother”s Day)

A mother’s work is never done She works from morning until dawn She spreads her love And keeps you warm But only once a year we say Mother we wish you

“Happy Mothers Day”

Though I can never repay you for your love and care, I cant miss to express my gratitude, love and reverence on this beautiful day of the year! Special Mothers Day Greetings to my special mom!

Mother is an undying love, A love beyond compare, the one you take your troubles to, she is the one who really cares. Mother you are all of this and more, I love you very much.Happy Mother’s Day.

I may not be expressing my love for you always. I may not be appreciating you always for what you have given me, but my love and adoration for you are always residing in my heart! Happy Mothers Day!

Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day

No matter what I possess and what I gained or what I lost, I was never unfortunate and lost in life just because of your divine presence in my life! Wish you Happiest Mothers Day!

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.Happy Mother’s Day Dear Mother.

You brushed my hair and tucked me in,

Made me laugh for hours on end.

You kissed my boo-boos when I fooled around.

Mommy, you never let me down.

You held my hand as I got my shots

Then took me for ice cream that hit the spot.

You bought me Polly-Pockets and Barbies too.

Mommy, there’s no one quite like you

You held my hand as I walked through the door,

Then you met my teacher as I stared at the floor.

You told me it’d be fun, and I’d make friends too,

And for that reason, Mommy, I love you.

You listened to me talk about the drama and boys

Then taught me how to handle it with class and poise.

You spoke with wisdom and of things you know.

You love to hear me say, “Mommy, you told me so.”

You love the Lord with all you heart,

And you’re kind and gentle and pretty and smart

If I could be anyone, I’d pick you

‘Cause, Mommy, the world would be better with two of you.

You’ve taught me so much, with more in store

And with each day that passes, I love you more.

Happy Mothers Day Cards

Happy Mothers Day Cards

A mum is a rose whose petals are soft, A mum is a lily whose stem is tall and strong,

A mum is a person who is never wrong,and A mum is a person u should love forever….

so trust her, believe her and never doubt her.Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day to my dearest Mom! Lots of love, prayers and good wishes from your dear son!

When I came home in the rain, BROTHER asked why didn’t u take an umbrella. SISTER advised why didn’t u wait till rain stopped. FATHER angrily warned, only after getting cold, You’ll realize. But MOTHER, while drying my hair, said, Stupid Rain!! Couldn’t it wait, Till my child came home.So Wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

Missing you on this special day of yours, remembering all your gifts, your tender and caring gestures that made my life special! Mothers Day wishes to my Mom!

When your love is rejected by others, & when you hate your Life, Just close your eyes, & see, her face who loves you more than any 1 else, who care for you in loneliness, & dies when you cry. She is no. 1, but your sweet loving mother.

Love your mom first and always.Happy Mother’s day

Happy Mothers Day HD Wallpapers

Mother stands for

M – For the MILLION things she gave me,

O – For shuttles growing OLD,

T – For the TEARS she shed to save me,

H – For her HEART of purest gold,

E – For her EYES, with love-light shining,

R – For she is always RIGHT and always be.

Happy Mother’s Day ‘MOM’.

Any woman can be a mother but it takes someone special to be called “Mom”.

Happy Mother’s Day.

No one can be as selfless as you; as sacrificing as you and as understanding as you! Lots of love and good wishes for Mothers Day!

Dear Mom, you are an amazing mother! You were as stubborn as rock when I felt weak. You were as tender as a flower when I was happy! Wishing you lovely Mothers Day!

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s.

Download Happy Mothers Day Images

A mother is special, she’s more than a friend.

Whenever you need her, she’ll give you a hand.

She’ll lead you and guide you in all that you do.

Try all that she can just to see you get through.

Good times and bad times, she’s there for it all.

Say head up, be proud, and always stand tall.

She’ll love you through quarrels and even big fights,

or heart to heart chats on cold lonely nights.

My mother’s the greatest that I’ve ever known,

I think God made my mother like He’d make his own.

A praiser, a helper, an encourager too,

nothing in this world that she wouldn’t do.

To help us succeed she does all that she can,

raised a young boy now into a man.

I want to say thank you for all that you do,

please always know mom, that I love you.

Greetings of Mothers day come to your way, from your dearest child who loves and adores you a lot. Wishing you a lovely Mothers Day!

Once upon a memory Someone wiped away a tear Held me close and loved me, Thank you, Mother dear.Wish u happy mother’s day………

No Mothers Day message can thank you for what you have done for me! But I cant miss you to sending this lovely Mothers Day picture to wish all that is best today! Mothers Day wishes!

Happy Mothers Day Pictures

You are the most beautiful gift from heaven for me. I thank Almighty for giving me wonderful mom as you! Happy Mothers Day Wishes!

The Miracle of Life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice… is MOTHER.

Happy Mothers Day!!

My mother is a special part

Of all that’s cherished in my heart,

She is my pearl, my soul, my mate;

She is the one to make life great.

She is an angel without the wings,

Who makes life special with the littlest things,

Whenever I’m in need of love,

She is there from the heavens above;

Whenever I’m in need of a shoulder,

There’s no one as devoted as my mother.

Her presence and love have always been there,

Everything in her nature is to only care.

With every soft hug and kiss

The world seems more beautiful and blessed.

I’m sorry for all the times I caused you pain,

But after these brief storms my love still remains.

I love you so much,

I will love you forever-

I wrote your name on my heart

And it will stay there forever, and ever…

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